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We're Making Our Mark at Vision Partying

This Mother's Day, we're celebrating the grand opening of our boutique in Portage, PA. Battling a global pandemic and family emergencies, the road to Vision Partying has been rocky and uphill. But really, that's what we're all about: Living our dreams and doing whatever it takes to make them our legacy, despite the odds stacked against us.

What is Vision Partying?

Vision Partying is more than just creating vision boards. The scissors, glue, magazine clippings, and canvas are all just a means to an end. Our goal is to provide a place of peace, joy, love, and hope, where people can transport their minds back to the unlimited, fun, and free childhood mindset we all once had. We want Vision Partying to be that place of encouragement to dream and to celebrate our uniqueness. We want to help people break free from a life of comparison to others, and to break free from the indoctrination of others' belief systems. We want people to focus on the beauty and purpose their individuality brings into the world.

"I am hoping the community will learn to embrace, connect, and engage more with each other through our Vision Partying dream building activities and events. Dreams are huge and they take lots of support. We have to walk by faith and recognize that we aren't in it alone." ~Vision Partying founder Cathy Gruss

Why Mother's Day?

The women in our lives - mothers, grandmothers, aunts, wives, and daughters - are often our greatest sources of inspiration. We want to honor those women with our very first Vision Partying event. Making Our Mark (M.O.M... get it?!) is about the marks these women have left in our hearts and our lives, and the marks we ourselves have yet to make on the world.

How Can I Participate?

We thought you'd never ask! There are lots of ways to Vision Party:

~ If you want to attend our Mother's Day grand opening event, click over to our Visioning Parties page, and reserve your spot in either the afternoon or evening session.

~ If you can't make our Mother's Day event but you still want to see our beautiful boutique, you can scroll down on the Visioning Parties page to book your personal appointment at a time that works for you!

~ Not in Central, PA? That's a-okay! Visit our Shop page to bring Vision Partying home with at-home vision boarding kits and a free downloadable workbook. Our gift vouchers make a perfect unique gift for someone special in your life!

We look forward to dreaming, visioning, and partying with you!

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