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Strange Thing Happened - Was it Law of Attraction?

This strange thing happened to me in 1993. It all started from taking a time management course at my job in the late 80's. I learned a lot from the course and loved it very much. It was super beneficial and it taught me how to relieve a lot of stress both with my work and my personal life. I learned to work on the most difficult things when I had the highest energy during the day, to knock out the easy things that only take minutes so my mind could be at peace and feel a lot of rewarding accomplishments, and the thing I loved most was it taught me to ask myself what is my M.I.N. today? M.I.N. stands for Most Important Now. By using the M.I.N. strategy, it gave me lots of focus and motivation.

Okay, back to how this strange thing happened in this course. It started from a very frustrating moment for me. We were working on goal setting and our instructor asked me to add more goals to my 5 year goal section. I got frustrated with her and said the only thing I wanted more than anything was to finish my masters degree in computer science. I was determined to do it and it was the only thing I wanted. Well she kept pressuring me, so I just wrote down 'work from home in 5 years' and then never thought about it again or did I not realize I was thinking about it. Uhmmm....not sure.

Lets jump ahead to 1993, I already obtained the Masters Degree I had planned for but now I had given birth at 28 weeks(7 Months) to very premature identical twin girls. This was not how it was supposed to be? My mom said childbirth was easy. Why is this so difficult? and why am I crazy in love with these little babies. My plan was to have babies and go back to work. Now the thought of leaving them causes me so much anxiety and emotional pain. How did my dreams of moving up in the corporate world vanish so suddenly. Where did they go? I hired a nanny to stay with them at home so why am I struggling with going back to work.

Here is the strange thing, somehow, my company set me up to work from home back in 1993. How crazy is that! Technology just came out where I could take over my computer on my desk at work and program away as usual! Now how did that happen, it was less than 5 years and I am working from home now. I had two things written for my 5 year goals at the class in the late 80's and I accomplished both of them! Is it Habakkuk 2:2, vision boarding? Or was it law of attraction? Was my subconscious thinking about how cool it would be to work from home?

Habakkuk 2:2. King James Version ... And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

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