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Goal Settings


Experience Amazing Guided Goal Achievement with Vision Mentorship

Are you struggling to set and achieve your goals?

Let our skilled vision mentor illuminate your path to turning your dreams into actual achievements. Our vision boarding event, led by a dedicated mentor specializing in goal setting, will closely collaborate with you to define your aspirations, recognize your strengths, and overcome any obstacles in your way. Together, we will create a tailored roadmap for your journey to success.

Experience Personal Growth during 2-3 Hours Vision Boarding and Goal Planning

Whether you're seeking personal growth, career advancement, or overall well-being, our vision mentor will provide you with the essential accountability and motivation you need to reach your goals. Take that all-important first step toward a fulfilling and purpose- driven life with our expert vision mentor by your side.


Vision Boarding Activity and Goal Setting Lesson Plans

Are you an educator with a passion for instilling goal-setting skills in your audiences? Our meticulously designed goal setting lesson plans merged with vision boarding activity and supplies are tailor-made to empower and inspire minds to set and achieve their dreams. These lesson plans, crafted by seasoned goal-setting coaches, provide a comprehensive framework for teaching the art of goal setting in a manner that is engaging and transformative.

Build Smart Goal Framework with Vision Boarding and Goal Planning

Our vision boarding, goal planning and goal setting lesson plans encompass vital concepts such as the SMART goal framework, creating actionable plans, and overcoming challenges. Each lesson conducted by experienced goal setting coach is enriched with interactive activities, discussions, and reflection exercises that encourage audience participation and foster personal growth.


Fun and Creative Vision Boarding Activities to Build Your Dream

But that's not all – we also introduce the dynamic world of vision boarding, a fun and creative activity that spans 2-3 hours and adds an exciting dimension to goal setting. With vision boarding, audiences can visually manifest their aspirations, turning their dreams into tangible images and goals into vivid realities. We provide all the necessary supplies to make this activity a blast.
Imagine hosting a Vision Boarding Party, where audiences come together to explore their dreams, create compelling vision boards, and share their aspirations with one another. It's not just a lesson;
it's an experience that ignites their passion and drive.

Incorporate Vision Boarding into a Goal Setting Lesson Plan

Incorporating vision boarding into our goal setting and planning lessons, audiences gain not only vital life skills such as self-awareness, motivation, and resilience, but also the power to visualize their goals vividly. They learn to set meaningful goals aligned with their passions and values and gain the tools to track their progress and adjust their plans as needed.
So, by implementing our goal setting and vision boarding lesson plans, you'll equip your audiences with invaluable skills. They'll be better prepared to navigate their journey, make informed choices, and lead purposeful lives.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the role of a vision mentor during a vision boarding party?

A vision mentor dedicated to helping individuals identify and achieve their goals. They offer a personalized vision boarding experience which includes supplies, guidance, support, and accountability. Vision mentors help clients clarify their aspirations, create actionable plans, and overcome obstacles, ensuring they stay focused, motivated, and on track towards success. Whether personal, professional, or academic goals, a vision mentor is a trusted partner on the journey to achievement.

Is it appropriate to use goal setting lesson plans for a vision boarding party?

Yes, goal setting lesson plans can be adapted to suit various age groups. They can be customized along with the vision board party to match the developmental level and interests of their audiences. Vision boarding can be especially engaging for audiences, making the goal-setting process fun and creative. Also audiences can delve into more complex goals, including career planning, using vision boarding as a tool to clarify their aspirations.

How can goal setting lesson plans benefit audiences?

Goal setting lesson plans along with vision boarding benefit audiences by teaching essential skills for success. These plans guide audiences in setting meaningful goals, creating actionable plans, and developing the motivation and resilience needed to achieve them. By incorporating vision boarding, audiences can bring their goals to life visually, making the learning experience engaging and impactful. Goal setting lesson plans also foster a growth mindset, empowering audiences to believe in their potential and take ownership of their personal development.

How does a vision mentor distinguish themselves from a typical life coach?

A vision mentor differs from a regular life coach in that they focus specifically on helping individuals clarify and pursue their long-term visions and goals. While life coaches may offer guidance on
various aspects of life, vision mentors specialize in honing a person's purpose and direction. They facilitate deep introspection and goal-setting, aiming to align one's actions with their broader life
vision. Vision mentors, often use unique methods like "vision parties" to create a supportive community and a structured approach for manifesting dreams, setting them apart from traditional life coaching methods.

Can vision boarding mentors help with long-term career planning?


Vision mentors specialize in assisting individuals with setting and achieving specific career goals. They work with clients to explore their passions, talents, and career aspirations, helping them create strategic plans and navigate the steps required for professional growth. In conjunction with vision boarding, clients can visually map out their long-term career plans, making the journey more tangible and exciting.

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