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Vision Partying


Book Your 
Vision Party Today!

Have a Vision Party in our Portage, PA studio, or bring kits to your home, fun gathering, or office space to host your own!


Interested in a pop-up Vision Party? We can also come to you!


Check out all the ways vision boarding can bring you closer to your friends, partner, or colleagues, manifest your dreams into reality, and give you a FUN creative experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Pop Up Parties

We travel to you!

Looking for us to bring the party to you? No problem!


Our Vision Mentor will travel to host an event with you, your group, or your business. We bring the supplies (scissors, paper, magazines, glue, and more) and the Vision Partying story to infuse your space with a dose of inspiration. 


Pop-up parties are a fun way to create your dreams alongside your favorite people in your favorite place. Just bring yourself and your vision, and we’ll make it into magic!

In-Studio Parties

So much fun!

We know in this busy world, it can be hard to get motivated to work on your Dream Goal. We have created a magical, enchanting space to help you get away and meet your dream building needs!


When you book a workshop in our whimsical studio, you get access to our Arts Bar complete with acrylic artist paper, magazines, scissors, markers, and glue. You’ll be given a comfortable and private space of your choice. Our Vision Mentor will share her story and guide you on how to get started on your vision board, leaving the real dreaming up to you.

Vision Boarding Kits

DIY your own vision board! 


Corporate party? Date night? Girl's night? 


Build something meaningful together with your own Vision Board kit at home! Our Vision Board Kits are themed to fit your moment. 


Ready to kick things up in your relationship and get to know your partner on a deeper level with a fun date night? Pair your date night Vision Board kit with your favorite movie, popcorn, and lots of candles for an intimate night you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 


Are you a corporation or business that wants to bring your team closer together and really foster your team’s potential, but not in a traditional, stuffy way? Ready to advocate for more self-care and leisure for your hardworking team with something fun? Invest in your people by offering a DIY Vision Board team-building party at your office or venue.


Just want a night of crafty fun with the girls? Kids? The whole family? There’s a Vision Board Kit for that, too!


After Our Party

Our Qualified Partners

You’ve made a vision board.


Your heart is aligned with your goals.


And you’re ready to bring them to life.


Do you feel like you need a little extra support, community, and accountability to get there?


We’ve got your back!


While we know just how magical and fun creating your vision board is on its own, Vision Partying is passionate about the change it brings from the moment you leave the studio or complete your at-home board, through the rest of your life.


We work with qualified partners for additional support and motivation to keep your inner flame burning.


Say Hello To: 



Temple loves to dig deep and help others uncover their true self. Her natural ability is seeing one’s talents while identifying the blocks holding someone back.


She has a psychology and personal development background and uses Human Design to fast-track results.


Her passion is to inspire, motivate and guide others to their highest potential. Living in alignment brings peace, joy, and harmony not just to ourselves but to those around us.


Temple co-hosts workshops with us and works with Vision Partying as a coach.


To contact Temple, use our contact form below. Just mention Temple for more.

Temple Stehle

Intuitive Life Coach

Meagan Reed

Marketing and Social Media Professional, Mindfulness and Yoga Certified Practitioner

Does your Vision Board include goals for your business or career? Meagan Reed Consulting offers independent marketing consultation to small businesses wanting to form or uplevel their brand and social media presence.


Founder of The Sweet Escape, pop-up and virtual wellness events to promote peace, hope, love, and joy, she shares insights to find balance, breathe easy and just be.


Approaching business and health mindfully, Meagan offers a whole-life, whole-wellness experience.


She is Vision Partying Central Pa's Lead Vision Mentor along side our founder Cathy.    


To contact Meagan, use our contact form below. Just mention Meagan for more.


Kathryn Richardson

Business Coach 


Hi I’m Kathryn!! I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had businesses that have failed and businesses that have succeeded. I know what it takes to make your business work on Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and even Amazon.

So let’s take my knowledge and help you grow your business today!

I’m known as everyone’s Biggest Cheerleader!

I thrive on surrounding myself with positive motivating people. I always have SO many business ideas. I get really excited about all thing Instagram and creating fun content for the clients I get to work with!

Let me help YOU with building the behind-the-scenes of your brand!


Giving Back

Partnerships and More


Lead Mentor & Founder of Vision Partying Cathy Gruss is passionate about our communities. 

Vision Partying gives back by partnering with nonprofit initiatives (like Women Who Rock and The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh) to give new meaning to vision boarding, inspiring those who may need it the most to manifest a future they dream of.

Are you a nonprofit, school, or organization interested in partnering with us? Contact us!

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