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Our Qualified Partners

You’ve made a vision board.
Your heart is aligned with your goals.
And you’re ready to bring them to life.

Do you feel like you need a little extra support, community, and accountability to get there?


We’ve got your back!


While we know just how magical and fun creating your vision board is on its own, Vision Partying is passionate about the change it brings from the moment you leave the studio or complete your at-home board, through the rest of your life.


We work with qualified partners for additional support and motivation to keep your inner flame burning.

Meagan Reed

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Does your Vision Board include goals for your business or career? Meagan Reed Consulting offers independent marketing consultation to small businesses wanting to form or up-level their brand and social media presence.


Founder of The Sweet Escape, pop-up and virtual wellness events to promote peace, hope, love, and joy, she shares insights to find balance, breathe easy and just be.


Approaching business and health mindfully, Meagan offers a whole-life, whole-wellness experience. She is Vision Partying Central Pa's Lead Vision Mentor along side our founder Cathy. 


To contact Meagan, visit her website:

Temple Stehle

Intuitive Life Coach

Temple loves to dig deep and help others uncover their true self. Her natural ability is seeing one’s talents while identifying the blocks holding someone back. She has a psychology and personal development background and uses Human Design to fast-track results. Her passion is to inspire, motivate and guide others to their highest potential. Living in alignment brings peace, joy, and harmony not just to ourselves but to those around us.


Temple co-hosts workshops with us and works with Vision Partying as a coach.


To contact Temple, visit her website:

Kathryn Richardson

Social Media Manager

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 9.47.15 PM.png

Hi I’m Kathryn!! I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had businesses that have failed and businesses that have succeeded. I know what it takes to make your business work on Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and even Amazon.

So let’s take my knowledge and help you grow your business today!

I’m known as everyone’s Biggest Cheerleader!

I thrive on surrounding myself with positive motivating people. I always have SO many business ideas. I get really excited about all thing Instagram and creating fun content for the clients I get to work with!

Let me help YOU with building the behind-the-scenes of your brand!


To contact Kathryn, visit her website:


Or you can find her on Instagram: @theloveliestco

Jana Reynolds

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Reflection and self-discovery are key to aligning yourself with your goals and turning your vision board into a reality.


Jana is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, guide, and devotee. Her follow-up events support you “Beyond the Board” with practices and tools to ensure that your vision is reflective of your true self and the path to your goal is one of personal growth and exploration.


Take your work of art to another level with meditative visualization. Reveal your passions, priorities, and fears through reflective journaling. Ignite creativity and gain insight through collaboration.


Continue creating your masterpiece with Jana!


To contact Jana, visit her website:

Azriel Weaver

Creative Coach

Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 11.06.27 PM.png

Before becoming a Creative Coach I was an entrepreneur co-operating a 6,000 sq. ft. retail space called Shotwell located in Union Square in the city of San Francisco, CA. I have also been a professional graphic designer for over a decade doing work for small businesses to large billion dollar corporations like American Eagle Outfitters.


I am currently the Creative Director for one of the largest retail bakeries in the nation called Oakmont Bakery located in Pittsburgh, PA. I have had opportunities to fly around the world for my jobs, work on amazing projects, & meet incredible people.

Naturally my coaching practice is specifically dedicated to supporting creative professionals. I understand and can relate to their unique challenges and ways of being. My passion is to help my clients design their ideal lives, accomplish big and small goals, and help them to live intuitively so they can experience joy and fulfillment. 


I learned the art of coaching at the Life Purpose Institute based in San Diego, CA.

LPI is an International Coaching Federation accredited program that has helped millions of people around the globe since 1984.

I am also a certified Heroic Coach that incorporates ancient wisdom + modern science into the coaching practice.

To contact Azriel, visit:

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