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What we do

Are you overwhelmed and distracted? Looking to regain a sense of purpose and determine your life goals? Why not do it in a playful and fun way surrounded by your friends, family, or colleagues?!

Goal planning doesn't have to be hard or annoying - 

that is why we created Vision Partying! To help you discover your purpose, sense of clarity, awaken your playfulness and creativity and on top of that have fun with your friends or colleagues!


Using a vision board is a fun and creative way to regain a sense of control. It is a visual reminder of your true self and the intentions you wish to manifest. Sounds quite exciting, doesn't it?

Our Vision Mentor will guide you through the visioning process. We believe art is a powerful tool that can be used to release your energies and help you determine the goal(s) you wish to manifest.

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Do you feel like it's time to bring a sense of clarity into your life? Try something new and spark creativity while having fun?!

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This workbook will help you:


  • Determine which areas of your life need more clarity and attention.

  • Will help you to understand what you want to manifest into your life

  • Prepare you for Vision Partying workshops so you come buzzing with inspiration and ideas!


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Here's what Vision Partying participants have to say...

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Emma Beyer


The entire process was a ton of fun and really made me think about my goals. Going forward, I will look for opportunities to get me closer to my goals I was able to set. Cathy was a great host who provided encouragement throughout. I look forward to doing another board when my goals from this one become a reality! 

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We offer a flat commission of 20% on all Vision Partying vision boarding kit sales for representatives who organize and host a successful event(minimum of 10 people) on behalf of us!


All you have to do is invite as many people as you like to your Vision Partying Vision Board event,  market and decorate your party per your liking and take the lead as our party host.


If you organize an event for 30 people, and 30 people purchase a vision boarding kit, you will earn $450 in one day!

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