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Pop-Up Vision Boarding Parties

How it works:

What's Included:

Want to host a Vision Boarding Party at your home, space, or next event?! NO PROBLEM! We’ll travel to you!


Pop-Up vision boarding parties are an exciting way to create your vision board surrounded by all of your favorite people. It creates a fun atmosphere of sharing your goals and future visions with old and new friends.


Our Vision Mentor will take all the guesswork out! She’ll be there with all the supplies and guidance that you need to make your vision boarding party a success! Just bring your best self and your vision! 

  • Price: $60/person

  • 2 Hour Party

What's Included:

  • A white foam board approximately 10"x14.5"

               *note: board surface may not be 100% wrinkle free due to manufacturing

  • Vision Partying Dream Booklet

  • Dream Tag

  • Our Arts Bar includes: acrylic artist paper, magazines, scissors, markers, and glue

  • Make your party extra with themed custom cutouts (inquire for pricing)

  • Feel free to purchase fun add-ons too! Like paint, washi tape, ribbons, stickers, stamps, glitter, themed materials, rhinestones, and cardstock.

Starting is Easy 

With 3 ways to party - we've got you covered!

How about creating your own awesome vision boarding party?
We make it easy with our ready to go DIY Vision Boarding kits! Our kits are compact and portable. Open your mind to all the places that you can take your vision board kit(s) and party.

Pick a place that brings you joy. A place that allows you to feel free as a bird and a place that enhances your ability to let go and dream away.  

How about Choosing our Virtual Vision Boarding Party?

At Vision Partying, we want you to make your dreams happen so we are not going to allow location to be an obstacle for you to vision board with us.

Between our DIY Vision Board Kits and our Virtual Vision Board parties, there is no stopping you and your success. Also, for more virtual support and after your vision boarding party, you’ll have access to purchase more dream specific support through our priceless talented partners. 

One of our qualified partners will be in touch within 24 hours to get you scheduled!

Select a City

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Help Your Community
Start Vision Partying in Your City!

What if you could have a party in your city, earn money, build your dream, invest in you and help others reach their dreams? We have the Party Creators Membership Program.


If you think this might be you, it's only $199 a year.
It’s a stress free option available to you, you are not required to have a party
and you’ll have access to all the membership benefits.

Note – online onboarding must be completed with Vision Partying prior to being listed as a Vision Partying Party Creator-Host and being able to hold a Vision Partying Branded Party

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