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Grand Opening - Vision Boarding in Action

Updated: May 20, 2021

This will always be a very special memory that I will hold on to dearly and to pull out of my toolbox on those days that I need a boost of inspiration and motivation. As I think back, this dream was always inside me. I had longing in my heart for a place where as a child I could often have been encouraged to dream big rather than filling up my mind with excuses that held me back from my dreams. Then as a mom, the longing for this place would pain me even more. I dreamed of a place in our community where my young children could learn to love their unique being and care more about their own thoughts rather than loving and accepting societies indoctrination. A place where my teenage children could go that would be fun and yet be an experience they could draw back on in the future where they learned, grew and discovered all the great things about themselves and in life and who they could be rather than always being fearful of where they might end up being or with.