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Prepper Books & Puppet Full Set

Prepper Books & Puppet Full Set

The Goal Book For Kids - Prepper The Penguin

When three schoolchildren share their frustrations about learning a new skill, they run into an unlikely helper. Prepper the Penguin and his adorable box of crafting tools show the kids how to break big goals into smaller, more manageable steps. With his help, each child learns how to create an environment that helps them succeed. This story is perfect for parents or teachers to show kids how to reach a goal through organization, small, actionable steps, and affirmations.


Prepper The Penguin and His Magical Friends Puppet Set

Canvas, Magazine, Palette, PaperPad, Pen, Brush, Paint, Stickers, Scissors, Toolbox, Prepper, Glue, Blue Goal Monster, Green Goal Monster


Dreams in a Jar Book

As a small girl, Lily discovers a jar in her grandfather’s backyard and learns what a time capsule is. Following in his footsteps, she writes down her dreams for her future and buries the jar in the garden. As Lily grows older, she works hard in school and gets a job she really loves, along with wildly great news. When Lily returns to her grandparents and accidentally finds the old jar, she learns the powers of her positive intentions and how she created her own destiny, starting when she was a child!

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